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Let me introduce myself. I am FAB30, I am a sociologist by profession and if by chance you mistook me for a simple fridge, all the better: it means that my cover is working.

For years I have searched for a privileged viewpoint on contemporary society and its least reachable element, the new generations. And at last I have found it.

I delved into the most intimate and private of places of young people today: their kitchen. It is here where the daily drama of the average 30 year old of the third millennium unfolds, with all his professional instability, hope and frustration, and financial and emotional fragility. 

I observe everything and finally I conduct my investigation in the field.

When I learnt that the Spanish director Mercè Vila Godoy intended to put these same themes on stage in the show "Next year will be better", I did not have to think twice and left for Barcelona.

Guess who is rubbing shoulders with the actresses on the stage at the La Villaroel theatre? You’ve guessed it: I also managed to infiltrate here, too.

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