Wallace and Gromit are smug with their Smeg at new exhibition

We always knew that lots of famous faces owned a Smeg fridge, and get a little excited every time we hear of someone new joining ‘Team Smeg’ and owning a FAB in their Kitchen. However, there is one famous Smeg owner who is easily the coolest of them all; Wallace, from Wallace and Gromit. We first had a glimpse of Wallace’s Smeg (or ‘Smug’ as the case may be) in the feature film Curse of the Were-Rabbit’, when the fridge was crammed with dozens of mischievous baby rabbits, and it still stands tall in his kitchen today!

To mark the 25th anniversary of the quintessentially British duo, Aardman animations (the creators of the show) have created a retrospective exhibition featuring Wallace and Gromit over the past two and a half decades. The show focusses on the characters, stories and settings, and gives visitors a chance to see the evolution from story board drawings, to plasticine models, to moving characters on screen.



The event also gives people the chance to look around the Wallace’s house, complete with a real life Smeg FAB28 Fridge in Kitchen, which holds the actual props and models used to make the fantastic stories. The cream FAB fridge from Smeg’s retro range, which has been slightly altered to read ‘Smug’ instead of ‘Smeg’ is one of the many innovative ways the curators of the exhibition have chosen to display the models. A full miniature set of Wallace’s kitchen is also on display, complete with the scaled down Smug fridge.

When asked about the inspiration behind putting a ‘Smug’ fridge in Wallace’s kitchen, Nick Park, the creator of the duo said "the Smug fridge idea came from the fact that we’d all be pretty pleased if we had a Smeg fridge of our own and that perhaps Wallace might be a bit ‘smug’ about owning a Smeg fridge”.

On the idea of design he further added “A lot of my childhood memories are of very much about 1950s furnishings and household items and I always use things I remember from my childhood in my films so there’s no doubt my upbringing has affected the world Wallace & Gromit live in. It was all a bit silly, but it went down really well with our audiences and people still reference it today, so hopefully it’s one of those little details that people appreciated."

Wallace and Gromit: From the Drawing Board’ opened on May 24th and runs through until September 7th at the M Shed in Bristol. For more information and ticket details go to

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