Smeg Factory is an exciting new virtual meeting place for the creative community to exchange ideas and points of view, bringing together film makers from around the world.

The Smeg Factory is a platform for sharing, a co-creation space for comparing different countries values and cultures by involving creatives, filmmakers, established and upcoming talent, but above all, people passionate about the Smeg brand- and giving voice to this talent and passion. Through this new collaboration, Smeg, already renowned for its creative approach and unmistakable product design, will call upon the film making industry to explore fresh and original creativity, opening up a whole new channel of communication for the brand in reaching out directly to users.

For the very first brief titled “When the kids met the grown-ups!”, Smeg is inviting film makers to imagine and bring to life unique stories through the production of video content not only linked to the long-standing home appliance brand but also to their own vision of the world, experiences and inspirations through a variety of creative styles.

This contest, the first in a long series, has a dual mission: firstly to introduce the launch of Smeg Factory, and secondly to celebrate the birth of the Smeg '50s-style small appliances, which team functionality and aesthetics to reproduce the unmistakable look and feel inspired by its larger siblings.

To take part in this exciting new project, film makers can register by logging into to produce their fun story of how kids resemble grown-ups. The deadline for uploading videos is 11th December – with lots of lots of great prizes have been lined up for the winners.

The Smeg Factory project is launched in collaboration with Userfarm_ContentCreators, a community of over 55,000 videomakers and an international platform specialised in the production of crowdsourced video content. So far members have created award winning content, videos, adverts and documentaries for some of the world’s top brands including Coca Cola, BMW, Nokia, Nespresso and Becks. With the sky the limit and the Smeg brand affording uncapped creativity, there is boundless headroom for new and existing members, to pull out all the stops and create industry leading content on a truly global scale.


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