Smeg created the 50’s style retro line in the mid-90’s. The first product, the fridge, was an immediate planetary success due to its indeterminate appeal, it is a fridge that does not limit itself to be only a fridge.

Its aesthetic and the world that it conjures up, the unique tone that it thrusts upon the kitchen makes it rather "post-fridge", a refrigerator that transcends its function, becoming an emblem of culture. This is the history of one aesthetic line, and it also represents the company philosophy that has changed and continues to change the concept of domestic appliances, pushing forward the accepted boundaries, for example, in the study of form by world famous architects.

The Smeg design lines by Renzo Piano, and Marc Newson were created in this way. Smeg share an understanding with personalities of this calibre; products are conceived with the desire to design appliances that are more than just standard commodities, to arrive at a new paradigm where form becomes the principle of the substance.

Shape is never something that is void of style, but it must marry with the functionality of an object, a union that delivers the Smeg brand to a territory of avant-garde research in order to find totally new solutions, even from technological viewpoint. Even today the company is still happily and propitiously lost within this territory.

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