There are many ways in which to measure the eclecticism of a design line. You might want to examine how many different and varied decorative styles it can fit with, or you could subject it to the aesthetic judgement of many different types of human beings and then draw your conclusions from the given responses.

But the definitive test, the final judgement, can only be decided by the test of the "Were-rabbit". The test is the answer to one simple question: which electrical domestic appliance, which design line, which brand is courageous enough to be associated with an enormous and completely surreal and bizarre were-rabbit without ruining their corporate image or suffering a decrease in sales? Which electrical domestic appliance, which design line, which brand can come away from such an association with their eclecticism enriched?! 

Well, you all know that the Smeg fridge passed this test with full marks! The truth is here on this very page, in the scenes of the successful animation Wallace & Gromit.

In the words of Nick Park, the director and screenwriter of the film: "A lot of my childhood memories are of very much about 1950s furnishings and household items. I always use things I remember from my childhood in my films so there’s no doubt my upbringing has affected the world Wallace & Gromit live in".

Wallace ‘Smug’ with Smeg Fridge

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