Do you remember the competition launched in 2013 by Smeg New Zealand that we told you about a few months back? It was a full-on style competition, open to all New Zealand designers, with the challenge for each of them to customise a FAB28. The four finalists had interpreted Smeg's style and values in different but suggestive ways: 

Smeg Art

If the transformational possibilities of the FAB28 filled you with enthusiasm, we have good news for you: the competition has been repeated this year, too, and the names of the four finalists are now available on the Smeg Art site.

First off is Matt Blackmore with Around the World: the inspiration for this artist's highly original design was an important family heirloom, a suitcase belonging to his great grandmother, therefore symbolising not only travel, but also the importance of family ties. Do you need more spacious baggage? Apparently the FAB28 is an ideal solution! 

From an heirloom of the past to a futuristic vision with the competition's second finalist, Direction of the Future by Aleisha Stanton, inspired by an ethereal virtual world. Some very precise work on this FAB has seen backlit, triangular shards of mirror installed on it, providing a symbolic interpretation of the fragility and beauty of the connections between different people, places, objects and eras. 

The third FAB28 entry has been given an Italian name, Eleganza, in homage to the charms of Made in Italy design and fashion. Inspired in equal parts by interior design and Italian stylists, Julie Ashby has covered her fridge in white vinyl, and it would not look out of place either in a fashion show or in a modern design magazine: 

Staying on the topic of fashion, the competition's fourth FAB uses a traditional New Zealand material, merino wool, but introduces a technological twist: Nikolai Sorensen's geometrical design has been created with the assistance of a cutting-edge 3D printer. Who would ever have thought that a fridge, the most fundamental of home appliances as it is designed to keep things cool, would go so well with a fabric associated with warmth? 

The winning fridge will be announced next month, leaving plenty of time for you to decide your favourite!

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