Let’s do this in an orderly fashion. First of all, you should know that this is a true story. Now then, some time ago, an alert popped up at the Metropolitan Police 's HQ, a system monitoring unusual goings on across the web.

Their attention was caught after spotting  some messages on Twitter from people claiming to be inside a fridge. Further investigations led the riot squad, kitted out in full uniform, to the East End of London, a place by the name of  Artillery Lane. The building, raided by the policemen, was furnished in a vintage style dating back to a bygone era, the trendy 1950’s. The place was called the Breakfast Club. Nobody knows if it was the eclectic and unmatched style, colour, or even the messages  and tweets  which led them to this  secret detention place, but the policemen were instantly directed towards a solitary Smeg fridge in the building. They opened it ,and, with amazement,  discovered that the fridge door was infact the secret passageway to a cell jam-packed with  prisoners. They were special prisoners though: captured to lead a life of fun and relaxed small talk, held  on the grounds of  their passion for places with unique style, hostages of design.
To the policemen, the relaxed atmosphere and the quality of the food and endless menu of drinks the place offered gave them no alternative other than to also declare themselves prisoners for a couple of hours in the bar inside the fridge, run by the Mayor of the mysterious Scaredy Cat Town.

Anyone wanting to become a hostage of design should visit for more info.

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