Masterfridge: Fight to the Last Ingredient

Have you ever opened up a fridge to find it contains ingredients with little connection to one another, only to think on your feet and create a delicious dish which you still recall today with relish and a hint of pride?

This is the situation which the six aspiring cooks on Masterchef Italy were faced with in February. Each of them had a fridge full of ‘themed’ products – from the Kombu seaweed in the vegan refrigerator to the caviare in the gourmet themed fridge – to be used in a competition full of twists and turns, culinary prowess and skilful innovation.

However, the hardest part of the challenge for the six competitors was not how to use the ingredients inside their fridges creatively, but rather not to get distracted by the jaw-dropping beauty of the appliances themselves! Indeed, the spotlight of the episode was firmly pointed at the six orange FAB refrigerators which took pride of place in the centre of the studio, catalysing the attention and desires of the competitors and over a million viewers.

But the jaw-dropping and iconic strength of the FAB certainly does not stop at the Italian border. Back in January, these emblems of the 50s Style line had already cut a dash in the French edition of Masterchef: the final episode of the fourth series saw four FABs keeping the finalists company, in shiny red and blue to lend a patriotic air to the proceedings.                

FAB28 blu in Francia    FAB28 rosso in Francia

Portugal too, not wanting to be left out, has also chosen Smeg as one of the official sponsors of Masterchef 2014. For thirteen weeks from the beginning of March, the FAB fridges and other Smeg products will help the competitors in their challenge to the last ingredient standing. So tuck in everyone – and may the best chef win! 

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