For the tacking, take two renowned brands, two companies that share the deep sense of style, design and artistic inventiveness so typical of Italy: that je ne sais quoi, that something so difficult to put your finger on, yet so classic and the only common thread in the work of Leonardo da Vinci and De Medici, as well as Macchiavelli and Cagliostro (a little bit of craziness never goes amiss).

Take Smeg and Italia Independent, for instance. Now, careful with the measurements. The cut must be made in a classic, no wait, classicissimo style.

The fridge that typifies all fridges, stamped with the brand of fashion design that has made Italy's most successful product, dressed in the fabric of all fabrics: denim.
We're talking about the FAB 28 denim model, a very special edition limited to a run of 500. Actually, item would be a better word than model, especially for the lucky few who get to take it home and try it on for size. Denim, yes, but casual? Absolutely not. A more classy and elegant match, a deeper affinity you simply could not have.

With a needle and thread we have managed to sew together the heart and soul of Italian style with almost surgical precision.

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