Hometta's travels, #2

Here we are again with an update on the adventures of Hometta, the mobile home from the design on board+ collective that is travelling across Europe in search of artistic and design experiences in the company of a white FAB10.

Hometta Berlin - Smeg

After stopping off in Munich a month ago, Hometta travelled towards the German capital for a ten-day full-immersion. From the ruins of the Berlin Wall to the most modern glass and steel constructions, through the Tiergarten urban park, there was plenty to see and do in Berlin – including delicious lunches that fused the best of Italian cuisine with the German gastronomic tradition.

Hometta Copenhagen - Smeg

After its ten-day stay in Berlin, Hometta headed to Hamburg to meet local artists and designers to discuss art, design... and Italian coffee! But the road is long and the destinations are many: so, once its German adventures were over, Hometta set off straight away for Denmark, arriving in Copenhagen three days ago.

The Danish leg of the European tour will focus mainly on exploring the Nordic mood and Scandinavian design with its simple, warm and functional lines. A design that, we might add, goes just great with the FAB10! To follow Hometta's adventures in (almost) real time, visit our Instagram page. Or come back to SMEGazine in a month's time to catch the next update!

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