SMEG50style interviewed FAB10, our specialist test pilot, trackside. FAB10 was enthusiastic: "The control on the bends is wonderful, it was a great thrill even going slow in lower gears. And the acceleration is amazing ... "- concluded the Smeg fridge -" ... I felt like I had ice cubes falling down my spine."

Out of all the drivers and professional test pilots available why did Jaguar choose to use FAB10 to test the new features of the XF on the road? "Maybe it's because my 50kg weight make me the only one able to submit the car to a real stress test, or perhaps because I’m the only test pilot guaranteed to keep my cool" - answered the FAB10, which for the occasion wore the colours of the British flag. Jaguar also was satisfied with the choice, as well as testing the car and demonstrating their fabulous sense of style, they also proved what a remarkable loading capacity the Jaguar XF Sportbreak has for a car in it’s category.

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