According to recent research by the University of La Paz, there is a direct relationship between the production of an artist and the creative stimulus of his working environment. It is said that Hayez painted within the Vatican rooms and that Vasari spent more time with the works of Michelangelo than he did with his wife.

In short, when a genius is surrounded by art he creates even more art.

It is natural to ask ourselves what would have happened if the greats of the past had been able to have one of the models from Smeg’s 50’s Retro Style line in their studios.

Perhaps today we would be celebrating the cubist FAB of Picasso, people would be queuing at the museum to see "Woman with fridge" and Duchamp would have exhibited "Le réfrigérateur".

You should therefore understand just how lucky contemporary artists are, since they are the only ones to be able to draw upon the beauty of household appliances to give form to their own beauty. A bit like what the Italo-Dutchman Selwyn Senatori did ( A successful exponent of neo pop-art, Selwyn applied his paint and his style to his personal collection of FABS and then displayed them in a beautiful exhibition at the Piazza Dam Pop-Up Gallery in Amsterdam.

Which, coincidentally, is also his studio.

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