250 'limited-edition' 50’s inspired refrigerators recently rolled off the production line, styled with the MINI emblem, paintwork and original door handle. The bringing together of two well renowned brands was an ingenious idea and certainly went down as an instant hit. Both brands share that retro feel, the same passion for design and striking care for detail.

Anyway, the whole thing went so well that we received numerous requests from people who wanted us to help them differentiate between the two as they looked almost just alike.

So, although both products share the same badge and handle, a carton of milk and some eggs just will not fit into the side pocket of a MINI and naturally, of course, we would not want to go out for a spin in our very special fridge, now would we?

Our last word of advice on this score? Don't try to keep your fresh food shopping in the boot of a MINI for more than 10 hours.

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