Let me introduce myself. My name is FAB28, an Italian fridge, baby pink in colour.

I used to live in Ismaning, which is a small town near Munich. It’s a clean, neat and peaceful place, but perhaps just a little too quiet for someone who loves rock’n’roll and the crazy idea of travelling like a true roadie from place to place.

I’d often think of what another fridge would do in my place. Maybe it would have quietly stayed in a corner of the kitchen? I was different though. I’d grab a beer from my cool drawer and dream about faraway places together with Stefan Gburek, the guy I lived with, a great friend and a German artist.

I often asked myself that maybe, just maybe all I needed was a change of scene. When Stefan finally got round to suggesting it then, it was bound to be a big fat yes. We decided to hitchhike across Germany in five days to reach Wows!ville, one of the last true rock bars in Berlin.

We spent 680 km on the road. We travelled with Polish truck drivers having the gift of the gab, many driving somewhat dangerously! We also travelled with the inevitable hippies riding in Volkswagens, celebrated Germany’s World Cup win over Argentina with a huge crowd in a city square, explained to the local police that we weren’t crazy, and witnessed the inquisitive faces of men, women and children baffled by my travels. And as we sipped our ice-cold beers after reaching our destination, we were already fantasizing about our next stop:  a rock bar in, wait for it, in Tibet.

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