Smeg wins the Brand Storytelling Award

After picking up an award at the 16th Interactive Key Awards in Mayfor the design of, Smeg has now also won the special “Brand Storytelling Award“ at the Corporate Storytelling Forum in a ceremony held at IULM University of Milan on 12th October 2015. 

The recognition was given for a social platform which experiments with effective use of storytelling both as a means for describing products and as a device for socialising and involving the audience. 

At the heart of the site is a digital storytelling shared between Smeg and its network of users, who are involved emotively in the SMEGazine section by short brand stories starring 50s Style products, then share their own pictures in the 50s Fun area.

Then, the Creative Lab section issues challenges to the network in the form of competitions to co-create content. Of course the site also excels in its primary purpose, to provide visitors with complete information on the products, with all technical details given inside two broad product families - large and small domestic appliances. is also highly social: it uses informal language and playful forms of interaction; its graphics involve the visitor, but are nevertheless extremely clean. A trend full of meanings which has become an element of brand awareness.  Now in its third edition, the Corporate Storytelling Forum is the first and only event of its kind in Italy, created with the aim of exploring the importance of and summarising the key role storytelling holds in the branding strategic process, to create effective opportunities for the exchange of ideas and cross-fertilisation, as well as promoting and publicising the science behind storytelling.

The day featured a wide range of products from companies who illustrated their design logic and strategies, highlighting above all the choice of storytelling as a determining factor in their success.

It began at 2:30pm with a greeting from Professor Emanuele Invernizzi, Director of the MARPI Executive programme at IULM University, and continued with a brief introduction to the topic: “Narrability and dynamics of advertising”, given by Andrea Fontana, Director of the Corporate Storytelling Monitoring Centre at the University of Pavia. Fontana, alongside Professor Stefania Romenti of IULM, organised a round table featuring some of the projects on show.

The day concluded with two special prizes being awarded: the one for Smeg, and the “Brand Storytelling Awards” prize to AXA for its Born to Protect project.

Each project or activity was assessed on the basis of four different criteria: Innovation - Assessment of the creative idea in the story which is being told; Structure - Assessment of the architecture of the narrative process; Consistency - Assessment of the relevance of the narrative contents to the communication tools used; and finally Engagement - Assessment of how much target involvement is generated. 

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