Raw chocolate and almond milk, banana smoothie

Today @LaCentrifuga  suggests a sweet and thick smoothie prepared with the Smeg blender BLF01.
Easy to prepare, full tof tradition, colours and tastes. 
Raw chocolate is the one produced “cold” (below 40 °C), is a concentrate of well-being and sweetness: it is not as velvety in appearance as industrially-produced chocolate but it is interestingly shaded and is beautifully granular in taste. 


  • 1 banana
  • A piece of Modica chocolate or one spoonful of powdered raw cocoa
  • One glass of almond milk (or to taste), if possible vanilla-flavoured
  • 2 teaspoons of peanut butter
  • A pair of ice cubes


If you already have the almond milk, peel the banana, add the raw powdered cocoa (or a piece of chocolate, if possible raw), together with the peanut butter and the ice cubes; blend at medium speed, sweet and thick to enjoy right down to bottom of the glass!

If you want to prepare the almond milk, follow these instructions: take the almonds, shelled, but still with their dark skin, and soak them in water overnight; the day after, chop the almonds with the blender, after covering the fruit by adding cane sugar and water (200 g of almonds every 100 g of sugar). Pour the almond pulp on a cloth previously positioned over a sieve and a bowl that can contain the sieve. Pour a little less than one litre of water and let the liquid filter into the bowl. Squeeze the cloth with the almond pulp inside to get the remaining almond milk. Now your home-made almond milk is ready; to preserve it, use a glass bottle previously washed with boiling hot water, without any smell of detergents to prevent undesired odours in your milk.

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