We don’t exactly know which artistic trend Menno Baars belongs to. At a certain point in his life, the ex-cardiologist decided to change the way he cured peoples hearts. We know for sure that two extreme painting styles - the modern Dutch Van Gogh and Appel – converge within him.

We are certain that we are not in the presence of a mannerist, nor of a romantic landscape painter. Indeed we can’t even say if he is a sculptor or a painter, given the manner and width of his brushwork, each stroke that appears on the canvas like a hundred individual sculptures. But we can, with some certainty, place the artistic performance commissioned by the De Kei gallery in Nuenen and carried out at the showroom of Aswa Keukens.

Menno gave his all to customise and interpret, in his own manner, a Smeg fridge, painting it in unique colours and even giving it a name: Ice Babe. The fridge was then auctioned and the sum donated to the Ronald McDonald foundation which offers support to the families of sick children. This, we feel, can be placed comfortably in the artistic trend of post-positivism altruistic constructivism. Art as a practice directed towards social purposes.

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