> 2/3 cup of cuban white rum

> 1/2 cup of fresh lime juice  

> 22 mint leaves

> 4 teaspoons of white cane sugar

> ice cubes as necessary

> soda water


  1. Grind the mint leaves with the sugar and lime juice lightly and pour into glasses. Add a splash of soda. Pour the ice into the blender.
  2. Use the Ice Crusher function.
  3. Crush the ice to the desired consistency.
  4. Pour the crushed ice into the glasses. Pour the rum and top off with more soda. Decorate with mint leaves and slices of lime.


Only use the freshest mint leaves and do not squeeze or crush the lime rind in the Mojito as this would make it taste bitter. To make an interesting variant, use two types of rum: a younger white rum and an aged amber one.

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