Bob Perry is the exact opposite of us city types. Bob is a tough cookie. Just as well, because if you're not willing or able to do what you can to get by in the place he lives in, you won't last 3 months. Cow Bay is one of the wildest corners of Australia, home to a rainforest which sees  4 cubic metres of rainfall every year and completely lacking in electricity. Oh, and there isn't a single police officer among the 700 souls who live there.

On turning 40, Bob gave up on civilisation and travelled around Australia for a bit. When he found his own little corner of paradise in Cow Bay, he moved there straight away, setting up a garage which doubles as a community hub, scientific research centre and pub. With a bit of imagination and a whole lot of practical skill, Bob takes care of all the community's technical needs. He builds PVC masts so that three-bar mobile signals can be received in the depths of the rainforest; he collects electric batteries and recycles them into diver weights; and he built a system for producing biodiesel all by himself. Bob mends, fixes and invents ad nauseam.

At the end of every long and arduous day, Bob's callused and dirty hands reach for the door handle of his pastel green Smeg fridge.
He proceeds to crack open an ice-cold beer which, incidentally, tastes a whole lot better in the company of four friends sitting comfortably on upturned milk crates. Sorry? You must be joking, right?
Wrong. True, Bob is as hard as nails and his humble abode is a cabin sans doors, windows and walls protected by a sheet of tarpaulin, but even he is unable to resist a little (large) aesthetic quirk. And why should he? A nice little FAB in the middle of the tropical jungle powered by biodiesel is just the ticket. So when you think about it, even us soft city slickers have something in common with Bob. 

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