Reconstruction no. 0254

Agent code. 90345

London. 27th December 2010. Inside apartment.

H. 23:45 From witness statements, we know that subject XXX entered the kitchen and turned on the TV.

H. 22:47 The subject opened the fridge, but did not leave fingerprints on the SMEG FAB28 door handle. It is probable that someone, who knows his habits well, opened the door for him.

H. 22:52 From the inspection of the position of the eggs that were splattered on the floor, it is supposed that the victim was taken by surprise when attacked. The victim protected themselves with their arm, maybe they refused to prepare a light omelette.

H. 22:57 The attacker beats the victim to death with a slice of double chocolate cake. The analysis carried out on the DNA found on the cake crumbs confirmed that it belonged to the victim.

H. 00:00 The body has disappeared, but the attacker left everything else intact. Nothing was taken from the house and there are no signs of a break-in.


A SMEG FAB28 that attacks your diet? According to Men's Health Magazine it is the prime suspect because of its ample dimensions that make you want to load it up with large quantities of food. For a special on post-Christmas diets for men, the magazine shot some photos that reflect the popular TV crime series CSI, and depict the SMEG fridge as number one on the wanted list. Just like always.

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