September has just begun, and it is time for our next appointment with Hometta and its travels across Europe. Grab an umbrella and warm jacket, as this time we are going to Denmark, Germany and Holland in the driving rain and unusual cold experienced this August.

The last time we saw them, we left Hometta and its inhabitants in Copenhagen, in search of Scandinavian design. You just need to look through their travel diary at design on board to see that the search was a success, and then some: despite the heavy pooring rain, the collective also had time to discover and document some architectural pearls such as the city's new harbour, and the Hellerup neighbourhood, known to locals as the "Beverly Hills" of Copenhagen.

On the 8th of August, Hometta and its inhabitants did an about-turn, going back through Germany and continuing to the Netherlands. Unfortunately, they were not able to leave the rain behind, as it followed our intrepid travellers all the way through Europe, welcoming them to Amsterdam on the 15th. Luckily, Hometta is equipped with everything necessary for a cosy journey, whatever the weather, including a teapot for a warming August cuppa, and an FAB10 to store all the ingredients for a comforting, hot bowl of soup!  

Hometta's travels

There is still plenty of distance to cover, however, with many stops left on the way, and so a few days ago Hometta and its passengers set off South again. Brush up on your French, as the October update from Hometta will come directly from the Ville Lumière. À la prochaine

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