In Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, in Michelangelo’s David, in Keith Haring’s murals, there is always something that is often ignored. Think for a moment: why do people always talk about paintings, sculptures, and murals and never about canvas, marble or walls?

Yes, the art is important, but the material hidden underneath it is just as important. For this reason, the phenomenology of the canvas, the semiotics of marble, and the philosophy of the wall on which the graffiti sits are legitimate disciplines that we think merit some attention from the public. At this point, amongst the most deserving of considerations we insert the most recent of these noble disciplines: Smeg refrigeration.

We take the opportunity therefore to praise the initiative of the noted urban artist Remi/Rough from London, who decorated 3 Smeg FAB10 fridges on behalf of Havana Club rum: a perfect example of art that dignifies the material upon which it is made, and vice versa. Smeg aesthetes from all over the world, unite.

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