Grape juice

Sweet grape juice has lots of anthocyanin to restore youth. If you drink grapes asjuice, you can absorb the rich nutrition from the seeds and skin.


> Grapes

The same process can be used with: Blackberry, Kiwi, Pomegranate


grape juice recipe

  1. Separate each grape from the bunch and clean them.
  2. Close the lever and operate the machine. If juice starts to come out, place the lever in half-opened position.
  3. If you want rich flavors, close and open the lever repeatedly during extraction.
  4. When extraction is almost finished place the lever in half-opened position to release the compressed pulp.

If you put in the pulp again for extraction, operation might stop. If the lid is not opened because of excessive operation, push reverse button for a short time. Then you can easily open it.

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