FAB fridges at Bake my Day

Have you always wondered what’s the difference between a Dacquoise and a Charlotte Royale? Would you like to know how long it takes to bake the perfect meringue? And, most importantly, do you think that Smeg appliances are the secret weapon behind every successful culinary creation?

If you do, the new Dutch talent show Bake My Day is right up your street – and you won’t even need to know Dutch to appreciate the success of the Smeg appliances used in the studio by the contestants!

Premièring on 7 April 2014, Bake My Day sees baking and pâtisserie enthusiasts competing for the title of the Netherlands’ best amateur pastry chef. In order to reach this goal, the challengers will have to overcome tough technical challenges every day, created by master pâtissier Hidde de Brabander, and the founder of the Bakery Institute, Vicki Littlejohn. But that’s only half the story – the contestants will also have to be able to amaze both judges with their own creations, which will need to be as tasty as they are beautiful!

Luckily, all the participants are aided by an exceptional group of helpers. As well as the Smeg hobs and ovens used to prepare and cook their baked masterpieces, each competitor has an entire FAB30 refrigerator available to keep their ingredients in and cool the custards, sauces and jams they will be required to prepare on the spot. And if you think about it, the six Smeg fridges in their elegant pastel colours could even be the winning inspiration for this talent show – who, after all, wouldn’t give top marks to a six-layer FAB shaped cake?

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