Fab Blackboard: the fridge that stores your messages too.

With the latest arrival in the Fab family, Smeg launches a playful challenge in terms of domestic communication: are typical messages like need more milk or I love U more effective if you send them by WhatsApp or if you write them directly on the fridge door? The answer, provided with the lightness that only somebody like Smeg, capable of combining technology and aesthetic research, can provide, is in the hands of a special Blackboard-effect paint: in this way, the surface of the fridge becomes a sheet of paper to be written and re-written on. Endlessly. A set of coloured chalks (supplied on purchase), a blackboard rubber or a damp cloth, and the fridge stops being a household appliance and becomes a means of interaction without digital complications.

Blackboard fridge by SmegWriting on the blackboard, an action that has a decided emotive component: a return to traditions that launches this recent FAB28 model into the land of domestic customs, and influences new ones. Walls and other objects in our homes have been given a dual life, thanks to special blackboard-effect paints. This all forms part of a trend towards customisation, which is currently very strong in interior design, and which Smeg has always considered an added value for its products. The Blackboard fridge is not playfulness and poetry for its own sake: creating it involves a complex cycle of manual operations, that high level of "craftsmanship" on which the company has built its traditions. Also, given the intensive use to which it is expected to be put, the special paint finish, free from toxic or harmful substances, makes the surface indestructible, scratch-proof and abrasion-proof, resistant to contact with foodstuffs, sweat and cold liquids.


 The fridge will not be damaged by sunlight or sea air, so that the pleasure of having chosen such a special design will be with you for a long time.

Like the other models in this range, the Fab 28 Blackboard is a ventilated, energy class A++ refrigerator with automatic defrosting. Its single door with unmistakeably 50’s style handle hides a 26l freezer compartment, as well as glass shelves, a fruit and vegetable drawer, and a chrome plated bottle holder. 

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