The 2nd edition of the Barcelona World Race, one the most difficult nautical regattas, a fascinating non-stop, round-the-world yacht adventure finished just a few days ago. The competition begins and ends in the port of Barcelona, and is played out along the Gibraltar and Cook Straits, and the Capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin and Horn. The 2-man boat crews, cover approximately 46.300 km in just 3 and ½ months by following the Great circle line - the shortest sailing route traced on a map across the world.

For the occasion Estrella Damm (a make of Catalan pilsener), the sponsor of one of the teams, wanted to place their prestigious name alongside the appeal of the FABs that for all the period of the competition have been used to decorate the interior of the World Race village.  

The presence of the FABs in this very competitive contest, that is characterised by immense stress and tension, defused the drama of the ambience. Providing glamour and irony the FABs give a touch of friendliness and are the perfect prop for a convivial atmosphere.

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