Detox juice

Detox juice is excellent for reinvigorating skin and body. Slow juicing enhances the natural flavor and preserves the nutrients.


> Broccoli chunked

> Cabbage sliced

> Tomatoes cubed

> Carrots cubed

> Banana cubed

> Apples sliced

> Water to boil vegetables


detox juice recipe

  1. Cut broccoli, cabbages, tomatoes and carrots into cubes.
  2. Cover the ingredients with water, bring to the boil for a few minutes and cool leave to cool.
  3. Close the lever on the slow juicer, put ingredients in and start to extract.
  4. Add bananas and apples, and extract them.

Suggestion: When preparing juices with mixed fruit and vegetables, we suggest you alternate the addition of the most juicy ingredients with the less juicy ones.

Enjoy your detox juice!

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