People, who believe that in minus zero temperatures the human mind begins to stop thinking and fall into a deep sleep, are making a big mistake.

It is a common theory that when the temperature drops well below zero degrees everything stops functioning including a person’s mind and their capability of taking on ideas about new and cutting edge design and traditionally stick to what they know.

This does not appear to be the case in Tallinn where the temperature drops to below zero for six months each year, where Elux organised an event to present Smeg to the elite designers, journalists and food critics of Estonia. The event incorporated the working use of the new cooker C91GMXI with Estonian Chef Anni Arro cooking a classic Italian dish.

The show was presented by the famous Estonian anchor Tauri Tallermaa, who discussed the philosophy and vision of Smeg. And, the grand finale, they gave away to one lucky participant, a FAB10 fridge hand painted by a famous Estonian ceramic artist Liisu Arro. Smeg would like to thank Estonia, Elux and the freezing temperatures.

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