#CookingWithSmeg | How to make the #Mimosa #Cocktail? Read on to see how we make them. It’s simple, fun and perfect to serve company. Continue


#CookingWithSmeg | Use up pulp from juicing with this healthy and delicious, kid-friendly recipe for high fiber pancakes. Continue

Beet Hummus

#CookingWithSmeg | This magenta hummus is so bright and vibran, a delicious twist to the traditional hummus! Find out how to beet hummus recipe! Continue

Juicer Pulp Gluten-Free Brownies

#CookingWithSmeg | You like juicing but you don’t want to leave behind so much waste? Never mind, you can cook with the pulp.  Try this recipe: Juicer Pulp Gluten-Free Brownies. Continue

Fruit ice-cream

#CookingwithSmeg | Find out more how to prepare a natural and refreshing fruit ice-cream. Continue

Grape juice

#CookingwithSmeg | Sweet grape juice has lots of anthocyanin to restore youth. Continue

Detox juice

#CookingwithSmeg | Detox juice is excellent for reinvigorating skin and body. Continue

Pear ginger tea

#CookingwithSmeg | Ginger is effective for relieving coughs and chills. Pears also contain luteolin which is effective for bronchial disease, phlegm and coughing. When you cough, fight it with pear ginger tea. Continue

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