Canada, Molson Beer and the FAB Fridge: A Winning Combination

Oh, Canada!, the unchallenged realm of icy tundra, ice hockey and memorable authors and film directors. But beer, and lots of it, is also a big feature – especially that produced by the historic Molson Canadian brewery, which for the last few years has been coming up with some memorable ways to build brand recognition outside of Canada.

The protagonist of Molson's campaigns? The beer, certainly. But there is another star demanding attention: a shiny red FAB, whose colour matches the Canadian flag perfectly.

France, Belgium, the United Kingdom: in early summer 2013, red FABs appeared in the streets of Canterbury, Dover, Cassel, London and Brussels. The fridges were full of Molson beer, but like Ali Baba's famous cave, they would only open with a magic password. And in this case, the “Open Sesame” was nothing less than a Canadian passport: by scanning theirs, Canadian citizens on tour in Europe were able to open the FABs and offer the drinks around.

The initiative was so successful that it was repeated during the Winter Olympics in Sochi in February 2014: this time, too, the Canadian athletes were able to open up the FABs and offer a Molson to anyone around simply by scanning their passports. Getting the competition a little tipsy isn't a bad gold medal winning strategy, after all!

But Molson's genius didn't stop there: knowing how loyal Canadians are to their country and its products, Molson sent a red FAB full of beer to an expatriate living on a small, remote island in Indonesia. Have you ever wondered how easy it is to cross a rain forest with an FAB fridge in tow? Not very, if this video of the event is anything to go by. But our heroes got through with their precious cargo, and the FAB is now looking pretty and sunning itself on a tropical Indonesian beach.


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