Do you remember the painter who famously painted food arranged to resemble faces and human beings?  Noses were made from courgettes, cheeks were round ripe tomatoes, and hair was straw and savoy cabbage.  Not only are artists of our time following in Arcimboldo’s footsteps, but they’re also doing it with a splash, in a tasteful and refined way.

That’s precisely what culinary design is all about; breaking the rules, turning food into a purely artistic object totally stripped of its functions of taste, flavour and nutrition.  The stage at the Vendome Luxury Show in Paris was set, an event to bring together the best of today’s new trend-setters in fashion, art and design, during Fashion Week.  

Held in October 2009, the twelfth edition of Vendôme Luxury Live was born – dubbed "fooding".  16 fridges from the 50’s Retro style line were used to store the original, imaginative creations by several international culinary designers.  Of course, Smeg was delighted to have been chosen as the backdrop for such an inspiring artistic movement including the creators of works such as "Chocolate Floors" and "Bread Handbags". 

We’d also just like to give a small round of applause the person who holds the original copyright or trademark behind culinary design - who first decided to stick a carrot into a snowman’s head to imitate a nose – what a genius!

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