I am a private detective with the FAB Bureau of Investigation, I cannot reveal my name as I am working undercover. I am on a top secret mission (security grade 4), but I am forced to speak to you because I need your help. Since my colleague was demoted to the department of kitchen pan design, I’ve been left alone to follow the trail of all the 50’s Retro Style appliances roaming the world. It is a near-impossible mission. Their numbers are great and they replicate rapidly in all 4 corners of the earth, from California to South Korea, from Russia to Portugal.

Nethertheless, it should be child’s play, because 50’s Retro Style products have one weakness: they will only hang around the coolest locations on the planet. I appeal to all the people that  frequent cool places: when you meet a 50’s Retro Style appliance report it to me immediately at the following address and, if you manage to capture a photo of it, send me that too. I beg you to help me, my boss has just threatened to transfer me to the department of dog grooming accessories design.

The map that reveals FABs in the coolest locations on the planet: investigate!

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