We hereby declare that the era of supermodels and exorbitant modelling fees has come to a close. The period of those pale and yet so attractive young faces has definitely faded. Our proposal is of curvy forms, sensuous shapes filled with enormous quantities of food. Of course, here we are really thinking of another fabulous Fab design, aren't we?

Who would deny that this refrigerator is endowed with the 'physique du role'? We've all cottoned on to that: from Betsy Johnson who placed it in a prominent position in her showrooms during the Fashion Week in New York, in 2009,  to Macy’s, where it was also presented on a couple of occasions, in 2007 and 2010, in its corner outlet between 34th Street and Broadway.

And then, there was the 55DSL store in 2008, the Rugby window and the Paul Smith one and even the one in Beijing where it was displayed next to brands such as Versace, Armani, Prada, Gucci and Loro Piana.

So, why all that? Simple. This is a rather 'eclectic' and versatile and – shall we say – trendy design. It goes well with so many different styles and so everyone wants it. It would appear that it does so much even for the image of other brands. Unlike supermodels, though, we've yet to find a photographer who's managed to catch it out in scandalous or embarrassing situations.

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