The NEW Smeg Variable Temperature Kettle; making the perfect brew

In addition to the hugely popular KLF03 standard kettle already in our range, a Variable temperature kettle is now available KLF04, created for real tea lovers, where precision of temperature is so important.


This clever kettle allows you to choose from a number of options between 50° and 100°C to customise the water temperature, creating the perfect ‘cuppa’, instead of simply giving you boiling water like most standard kettles.


True tea connoisseurs will know that different blends of tea require different temperatures to bring out the best flavours so whether you’re partial to a green tea best served at 70°C, a black & oolong tea at 85°C, chamomile at around 90°C, or the perfect coffee at between 91-96°C (to ensure it doesn’t scold), the KLF04 has you covered.


There is a handy ‘Keep warm’ option which ensures that the water remains heated at your desired temperature for up to 20 minutes after the initial boil.  

Beautifully crafted with a stainless-steel body, the KLF04 has a large capacity of 1.7l (or the equivalent to seven cups). It features a soft opening lid, 360° swivel base with non-slip feet, automatic shut-off at 100°C, a removable, washable stainless steel limescale filter and concealed heating element to prevent timescale build-up.

Available in a range of pastel, chrome and solid colour finishes to match the rest of the small domestic appliances in our range.


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