We have extended our ever growing range of 50’s style appliances by launching the new HBF02 Hand Blender.

Smaller than a traditional blender, these hand held blenders can be easily stored, whilst an array of accessories allow you to prepare a versatile range of dishes with the creativity and style that continues to distinguish Smeg products.

Designed to be durable, functional and easy to maneuver thanks to its practical ergonomic and anti-slip handle, the HBF02 hand blender will soon become an indispensable appliance for cooking quickly and intelligently.

The convenient variable speed control knob is located at the top making it easy to operate, whilst the Turbo function allows an extra burst of power when required.

The unique Flow Blend system, created by the specific dome and shape of the blades, is able to produce an optimal flow which ensures a smooth, even consistency, regardless of whether you are making soups, smoothies, dips, purees or desserts. Fashioned from stainless steel, the arm and blade offer superb strength for quick and efficient blending, guaranteeing the best results in terms of softness and creaminess.

The accessories supplied cater for a wide range of cooking habits including a potato masher, whisk and chopper.

The blending attachment has been purposely developed to perfectly blitz the trickiest of ingredients, whilst the whisk attachment is ideal for whisking anything from eggs to homemade mayonnaise.

The chopper attachment ensures tough foods are diced or chopped as finely as possible and the potato masher has been designed with special plastic blades which can be operated at a slow speed to cream potatoes, soft fruits or vegetables. Some attachments are also dishwasher safe, for an easy clean-up.

If that wasn’t enough a 1.4 litre TritanTM jug is also included, which is impact resistant and without BPA, and features an ergonomic handle and detachable lid.


Exquisitely designed, compact and bursting with personality, these multitasking machines are available in black, red, cream and pastel blue colourways.

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