Want to know the truth? What people think is true about rugby is only a partial truth. When people think about rugby, they think about the violence of the game, the collisions in the scrum, the battered faces of the players and their roars of encouragement, the tackles that push the rules of the game to the limit.
What people don’t realise, however, is that once the game is over, and the pitch is left behind, and the gladiators have changed out of their kit, there is another part left of this noble sport: the all-important third half.

Here, brute strength and force is demonstrated by the grip of handshakes, the embrace of a giant friend, and the broken teeth smiles that don’t seem to be all that bad close up. Here they tackle steaks and the only fight is the fight to resist getting drunk. The third half is dedicated to the muscles of the throat, the real protagonist of the third half is, of course, the fridge. A special fridge for rugby fans. A SMEG. Two special edition FAB28’s have been created specifically and personalised with the kits of the two squads that best personify the history and the values of rugby: the English national team and the New Zealand team. And thus the most noble sport on the earth toasts the health of the most noble fridge on the earth!

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