What is it about pastel colours that we all love so much? Is it their warmth, their light? Or is it the nostalgic connection to objects we have loved in the past?

The pastel family of colours is seeing a recent revival in modern design. Made popular in the 50’s and 60’s by advertising and fashion, the colour pallet was noticed by big brands such as Fiat and Vespa, who to this day, are still synonymous with classic pastel shades. The 1980’s saw a huge trend in the use of pastel colours in men's fashion. This could be linked to the NBC television police series Miami Vice, which popularised pastels through a lead character who all but exclusively wore pastel shirts and suits.

Today the colour family is hugely popular in the home thanks to brands such as Laura Ashley and Annie Sloan to name a few. The palette has become synonymous with trends such as shabby chic and up-cycling, used to create a warmth, comfort and a feeling of heritage. The bright nature of pastels also makes any room feel light and airy all year round. A pastel colour scheme can range from elegant and sophisticated, to cute and quirky. Whether your tastes are grounded in classic country, or something more along the line of hotel-chic, you still can make this popular colour scheme work for you.

As more and more people experiment with colour, it seems the pastel trend is now going beyond painting the walls. Nowadays pastels are being introduced though old fabric, up cycling tired old furniture and more recently, retro inspired appliances.

Appliances have come a long way from the white and beige colour choices previously available. Nowadays they come in almost every colour, from a pink washing machine to a blue fridge freezer. Smeg has been at the forefront of combining colour and design for many years, and is best known for the retro refrigerator in the 1990’s. This icon has lasted the test of time and is now more popular than ever. Due to increasing popularity, the pastel colour scheme available from Smeg now includes cream, light blue, pink and green. These colours run across ranges, including both small and large appliances, offering customers the opportunity to personalise their cooking space at home according to their personality. The pastels perfectly complement the bright red and black colours which also sit in the range, enabling a mix of both the soft and striking. For a complete contrast some retro appliances are also available in stainless steel, offering a highly reflective and industrial texture.

In October 2015, due to popular demand, the green and pink pastels were extended to the Smeg stand mixer and blender. The extra colours are now across the small appliance range, with the kettle and toaster already available.

So what will the future bring for pastels and are they here to stay? Demand remains high and until that changes, pastels will continue to reign. With the warmth and comfort they bring to the home, we can’t see them going out of fashion any time soon.

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