When people talk about the content of their fridge, it’s usually safe to assume that it is going to be either food or drink. However, if you ask chic cosmetic brand ‘Liz Earle’ what is in their fridge, the answer certainly won’t be anything edible. Used to keep a variety of skin care and eye care products cool, Liz Earle have placed a Smeg FAB28 fridge in a selection of stores.   

Initially founded in 1995, Liz Earle has gone from strength to strength. Starting out on a fairly low scale, such television shopping channels, the brand quickly grew and slowly but surely became the renowned beauty brand it is today. Offering a wide range of  cosmetic and beauty product from  skincare, to make up to hair products (for both men and women), Liz Earle’s main philosophy is to create beauty products which offer high performance, along with safe, quality ingredients.

The pastel green FAB’s (FAB28QV1) have been placed in their flagship store in the heart of Chelsea, as well as one in the store in Leeds and their head offices in Hammersmith. The pastel green colour matches effortlessly with the Liz Earle branding, and perfectly suits the sleek minimal interiors of their stores. Even if it is a bit bias, we think they look fantastic.


However, the fridges are not just there because they look great. Liz Earle advise that you can gain the full benefit from their range of eye care products by ensuring that they are kept cool. When products are frequently exposed to changes in heat or humidity, the stability and aesthetics can be deteriorate rapidly. By making sure that the products are constantly kept at the same cool temperature, you can ensure the user can insure they are getting the most out of the product.

To find out more about Liz Earle and their fantastic range of Skincare and Makeup products, click here

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