In February earlier this year Lizzy Yarnold, 25, brought home the gold medal in the women’s Skeleton for Team GB after her phenomenal performance at Sochi 2014. It marked first gold medal for Great Britain at the Games that year, and is one of only 10 gold medals that the country has ever won at a Winter Olympic games. Everyone was delighted to hear of her victory and gave us a much needed boost of good news for the New Year.  

However, Yarnold’s victory wasn’t celebrated in quite the same fashion as the gold medallists at the 2012 games. All of the champions in London 2012 were awarded a golden post box in their home town, to mark their success, but Lizzy wasn’t given one for her medal in 2014. The Royal Mail said that the Golden Post boxes were a one off for the London games, and would not be continuing the trend of the golden post boxes, despite the fact that over 43,000 people signed a petition to award the gold medallists with gold post boxes.  

We here at Smeg thought that Lizzy deserved just as much admiration as those who competed in the 2012 games. So, we went one better than the Royal Mail and decided to present her with her very own golden Smeg Fridge! The special edition gold FAB28, with the logo encrusted with mini swarovski crystals, taking a quirky spin on the iconic fridge design. The fridge takes on all the same sleek style and iconic curves as a FAB always does, it’s just that this one is much shinier! And let’s be honest, a golden fridge in the Kitchen is more useful than a Golden post box down the road.

Personally, we think that the golden Smeg looks fantastic in Lizzy’s beautiful country kitchen complete with Smeg opera range cooker, and by the sounds of it, so does she! Below is a quick interview that we had with Lizzy about her achievements, golden fridge and life since the games. 


Hi Lizzy, how do you feel about your new gold Smeg fridge?

I love it!  It’s great and VERY gold – even more so than my medal!


What will you be storing in the new fridge?

As an athlete my diet is healthy and nutritionally balanced. I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables – but lots of carbs and protein too.  I need the energy to get me through the hours of training in the gym!


What's your favourite dish to cook?

I love to cook – especially when I prepare a lovely meal for others. I really like to bake and had a few lessons in bread making – so I hope in the future I’ll have the time to hone my skills some more. I found it really therapeutic.


How did you feel when you won a gold medal?

It was such a surreal moment – I had been so calm leading up to the Olympic races. I was conscious I wanted to keep to my usual routine that had helped me win the overall World Cup title in the season. I knew I was capable of winning as long as I stuck to doing what I had always done on the track.  When I realised I had won it was so strange – I looked over and saw my family right there screaming and crying and I realised this was something special!


What training did you do in preparation of your win?

I guess in a way I had been preparing for this win in the last five years – since I first took up skeleton.  Everything had been geared towards being in a position to perform in Sochi. Going into the Games I was the overall World Cup champion having won the most points over the whole season. I was really proud of that achievement – as it is the pinnacle of our sport – and I knew it put me in a great place to prepare for the Olympics.


Are your family supportive of your sports career?

My family has always been fantastic in supporting my sporting ambitions. Since I was a kid my parents have been ferrying me around to athletics competitions and matches after school.  They are always there to support me when things aren’t going so well and I can’t thank them enough for everything.


We heard that sadly Royal Mail didn't put a gold post box in your hometown. But is this a good substitute?

The fridge is a great gift – and such a lovely surprise thank you!


Are you still busy with the aftermath of your win?

Things have been pretty crazy since I got home from Sochi. I’ve barely had a day to sit and reflect – or do my washing!  I managed to visit a few schools last week, which was great. I really enjoyed chatting to the young people about their hopes, ambitions, and fears. I hope it inspired them seeing the gold medal and helps them believe that if they work hard enough they too can achieve their dreams.


What are your plans for the future?

I am going to have a holiday and then will be back in the gym ready for a summer of training.


Anything else to add?

Thanks again for the golden Smeg fridge – it will take pride of place in my kitchen and remind me of this special time.


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