It is undeniable that Smeg are most well-known for the iconic range of FAB fridges. With their smooth curved lines, bold colours, and retro 50’s chic, the FAB range has gone from strength to strength over the years. Not even the FAB designers knew what a huge success the fridge would be, and how long the impact of the design would last for. After the popularity of the FAB fridge continued to grow, the range of FAB dishwashers and washing machines were introduced turning the FAB look from designer fridge to a designer icon.  


It is the diversity of the design that stands out the most. Whether it be the compact FAB5 or the huge FAB50, the impact of its look does not come from the size, but rather the design itself. You only need to take a look at the new range of small appliances to see how easily the curved lines and bold colours can be transferred from one appliance to another, while still retaining its sleek Italian style.

However, it’s great to see that the FAB is standing the test of time, with its ‘retro’ look going further than just a fad.  They feature in every type of kitchen setting, blending seamlessly into any environment, whether it be an ultra-modern studio apartment or a rustic country home. There are few other design icons which can boast the same diversity.


It’s not only adaptable in terms of its surroundings, but also in its function. Available in a range of sizes, the FAB fridge caters across the board. The most popular of the FAB family is easily the FAB28. Seen as the staple of the FAB family, with a large 256 litre capacity, freezer box and adjustable interior, its ideal for a families everyday needs. There is currently 19 different FAB28 colours in the range, including candy stripe, denim and Union Jack, giving optimum choice with colour schemes.

If it is more freezer space that is needed, the FAB30 and FAB32 give the user an extra 64/75 litres respectively. With a ‘no frost’ option, the FAB32 doesn’t need to be defrosted, keeping maintenance to a minimum.  However, if you are feeding the 5000 (or simply need a lot of food storage), it is the FAB50 that will do the job. With its colossal 484 gross capacity, this huge fridge freezer provides the ultimate food storage solution for those who need a lot of space, while still be style conscious.  



Then on the other end of the scale there are the FAB5’s and the FAB10’s, the perfect compact fridges, which take up a little space, but make a huge impact. With the same bold colours, smooth lines and Italian style, they are ideal for a small one bedroom studio apartment, or a statement piece in a drinks room. The FAB10’s also have a ‘minibar’ option, meaning that it is adapted to solely store drinks, perfect for summer parties and family gatherings.

Right across the range, from fridges to washing machines, from dish washers to small appliances, the pantones used coordinate across the range, making a matching Smeg kitchen as easy as it can be.

To explore the FAB refrigeration range further, visit the home here.

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