Marco Menaballi is an Italian Art Director with a tendency to seek out unusual canvases for his art. Inspired by a childhood meeting with Stan Lee and Marvel Comics, Marco uses art to speak to his conscience and discover more about his inner feelings. He hopes his illustrations make people feel something and takes huge please in portraying the beautiful human body.

One of Marco’s latest canvases has been a white 50’s style Smeg fridge, bought from an auction raising money in the fight against cancer. Most of his art is street art therefore he rarely has the opportunity to own his own work. The drawing feature people and is very intricate. It took around seven hours to complete, all painted with black and gold permanent markers. He wasn’t able to make a trace with pencils before, so it was all done freestyle directly with the markers. When we asked him about the inspiration behind the design he said,

“I was thinking about how many people live around us, how many lives we meet without knowing something about them. How many people own something similar to us, even a Smeg fridge, and yet we live so separate. I thought about how many people experience the same feelings, meet each other but never start to talk.

I think people get more scared everyday about experiencing real meetings and instead build high walls that enclose their life and their own tiny social network. Around the fridge I’ve drawn people looking at the observer, trying to find a common ground between them.”

Marco is a fan of unusual canvases and through his street art has drawn on thousands of walls, some toys, stones, people, doors, cars, backpacks and even a pair of shoes. We love that he chose up use our iconic FAB28 fridge, especially considering the wonderful meaning behind the drawing. Five other artists were commissioned to draw on Smeg fridges in the bid to raise money, all with the same mission; make it eternal.

It’s clear from his work that Marco has a huge passion for art. When we asked him which was his greatest piece of art, the answer was simple, “My seven year old son, Michelangelo”. Let’s hope Marco continues in his quest to make eternal art for his son to enjoy.

Find more of Marco's work here:

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