Clockwise left to right: Carriageworks creative director Mike McEnearney, writer and host Jill Dupleix and chef Monty Koludrovic; rolling fazzoletti in the Smeg stand mixer, Monty in the Smeg state-of-the-art kitchen and Monty's Fazzoletti with Pesto, Seaweed and Nasturtium


From Monty Koludrovic's live cooking demonstration at the Carriageworks Farmers Market, Saturday 7 April 2018

"A dish I first cooked with the late Antonio Carluccio. He had such a special way of imparting knowledge and such a beautiful understanding of food evolution. He told me this dish reminded him of a good woman, and he loved making it all by hand. Somehow he always got away with such statements. I often vary the precise ingredients of the dish depending on what is available. He used cow’s milk yoghurt and parmesan, I am using sheep’s milk yoghurt and a raw milk semi hard cheese similar to pecorino. It is a fun dish to have in the repertoire."

Fazzoletti pasta

250g flour

120g semolina

190g egg yolk (Holbrook Paddock Eggs)

1 whole egg

15ml olive oil (ALTO Olives extra virgin olive oil)

Pinch salt plus 1 tablespoon for boiling (Olsson’s Sea Salt)


3g flake salt (Olsson’s Sea Salt)

2 small garlic cloves (Russell, the Good Garlic Guy)

25g basil

20g parsley

10g dill

20g pecora mezza cheese (Percora Dairy)

20g pinenuts

50ml extra virgin olive oil (ALTO Olives extra virgin olive oil)

Cracked pepper

1 tablespoon sheep’s milk yoghurt

To serve

Baby red capsicums, roasted and quartered

Seaweed sheets, roasted

Nasturtium leaves

For pasta, sift flour and semolina together and make a pile on a neat work surface. Create a well in the middle. Combine the egg, oil and salt and mix well. Tip into the well and start working in flour until a firm moist dough is achieved. Knead for 10 minutes until smooth, wrap tightly in cling film and allow to rest in fridge for 6-12 hours. Once rested roll through a Smeg stand mixer with pasta roller attached, gradually getting down to number 1, then book fold onto itself to create a neat rectangle. Repeat twice more. This process of lamination will provide elastic strength which is great when working with thin pasta sheets.

For pesto, combine garlic and salt in a mortar and pestle and bash a few times. Add herbs and give a good mix and grind. Add toasted pinenuts (fridge cold), finely grated cheese and oil and mix well. Season to taste with pepper. Finish with yoghurt just before serving.

To serve, cook pasta in plenty of boiling salted water. (I often toss a bit of flour into the water to help with some starchy water to finish sauce).

Lift pasta out into a warm bowl or pan and a spoon of cooking water. Add the pesto and mix well. Serve immediately into a bowl with capsicums, nasturtium leaves and roasted seaweed.

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