Stand mixer optional accessory

High performancing cooking with a versatile kitchen appliance

Technical characteristics:

  • Multi‐food grinder body, fastening ring nut and screw auger in aluminium alloy
  • Food tray in plastic to contain the food to be grounded*
  • Storage container in plastic for food or for multi‐food grinder and accessories*
  • Fastening ring nut spanner in plastic to make easier putting or removing it*
  • Food pusher and container in plastic for unused accessories*

Accessories Included:

3 discs in stainless steel for mincing/grinding:

  1. Coarse Ø 8.0 mm
  2. Medium Ø 4.2 mm
  3. Fine Ø 3.0 mm

1 x Plastic sausage stuffer*

1 x Kebab stuffer*

1 x Silicone cleaner accessory for fine and medium grinder discs* 

*Dishwasher safe


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